HaPpY EaStEr


Adriane, Megan, and I decorated Easter eggs this past weekend and although that is not the true tradition of the holiday; it was a good reminder to why we do celebrate.

The Story of Easter

John 13:

Foot Washing– Before the Festival of Passover, Jesus knew that his time had come to leave the world and go to the father.  Jesus knew the father had given everything into his hands and that he had come from God and was returning to God. At this point in the story Jesus knew that he was going to be betrayed and yet he got down on his knees and retrieved a basin. Washing all of the disciples feet.

Announcement of the Betrayal-Jesus announced that who ever he handed a piece of bread to was the one who was going to betray him. After Judas took the bread Satan entered his body. Judas left the place of Passover.

Love Commandment– Jesus ordered everyone to love each other just as he has loved us.

Denial– Peter denies knowing Jesus three times. (Peter was one disciple that stood beside Jesus throughout his time on Earth).

John 18:

Arrest in the Garden– Judas knew that Jesus often gathered in the garden with the rest of the disciples. He brought the guards from the chief priests and Pharisees. They called out that they were looking for Jesus. Jesus said to them “I Am.”

Jesus Testifies– The Priests questioned Jesus about his disciples and his teaching. The trial occurs before Pilate.

John 19

Jesus is whipped and mocked as king– Crucifixion takes place on the cross.

Jesus is buried–  Pilate gave the disciples permission to bury Jesus. They laid Jesus’s body in a tomb near by and rolled a large rock in front of it.

John 20

Empty Tomb– Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the rock had been rolled away. Jesus appears to Mary and replies to her “Woman why are you crying? Who are you looking for?” “I am going up to my father, to my God and your God.” Jesus appears to the disciples. All these things are written that we may know Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one!

God made the ultimate sacrifice! Jesus died for all of our sins so that we may have eternal life. This calls for an AMEN

Happy Easter Everyone!

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April Showers Brings NAMA Nationals

What is NAMA???? National Agriculture Marketing Association and something that has brought a lot of joy and value into my college experience. The mission: Iowa State NAMA educates students first-hand on the real-world principles of marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship within agriculture and the food system. NAMA is both a student and 420090_10150612555213375_859996869_nprofessional organization. Through the student organization I have opportunities to enhance my marketing/communication skills as well as network with both students and professionals.  One opportunity that leads to both education and networking is the NAMA Marketing Team. I have had the privilege to work with an amazing group of ISU students to design and implement a marketing strategy for a land evaluation tool. I can’t give to much away until after Nationals ;). Marketing team began in August and has been in working progress until this point. We are now working to finalize our design materials and presentation. So what goes into a marketing strategy!?

The first step; picking a product.  A product that is unique, eye catching, diverse, and has potential in a specific market. Next secondary and primary research was conducted. This was both challenging and rewarding as we embarked on exploring a product that we did not create but had to learn everything about to allow us to market. The rest of the semester was allocated to drafting the market summary.

Market Summary: marketing strategy, analysis, segment, yearly goals, competitor profile, SWOT Analysis strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threats), key planning assumptions, action plan, launch, push and pull strategies, financial analysis, and monitoring/measuring.

Second semester has been spent designing materials and creating a pitch to present during the 2016 NAMA Nationals. The Marketing Team is excited for this opportunity and we are looking forward to networking with marketing professionals throughout the agriculture industry.

Checkout what the NAMA Club has been up to outside of class during the 2015/16 school year.







Motivation after SPRING BREAK

941056_10208105324704582_7294224389125532892_n Getting motivated after SPRING BREAK!!! Finishing up a week of fun and relaxation may make it hard to feel motivated but I am anticipating my classes and looking forward to wrapping up the semester. Being back in Ames has already improved my eating and workout habits. I am back to a routine that I walk through on a daily basis. This morning I woke up and enjoyed my last day off. I had a cup of coffee and switched a load of laundry but as soon as Good Morning America was over; I was back at it. Beginning homework and projects that are due next week and working on a few work assignments. For lunch I will enjoy a V-Core Protein Shake with Multipure nutrition to add an extra boost to my immune system. Motivation starts with just jumping in and that is what I plan to do after a week of no structure. 🙂 Want to know more about my workout routine? Comment below and I would be happy to chat with you.



Today CURVES is on my agenda. I am looking forward to getting strength training in. It has been a few days and I am feeling slow and sluggish. It amazes me what activity does to your body!! I feel lighter and more flexible with everything I do!!

Just remember college students- or anyone who has taken a break from reality- to get back into routine is all about moderation. Allow yourself to ease back into strict structure. Don’t be hard on yourself and be FLEXIBLE. The most important thing you can do is to listen to your body and give yourself the best nutrition to fuel your body.


Being a TWIN and TURNING 21

12791095_10208029626372171_4183485998283223968_nMegan, we are 21!!! The best thing about sharing your birthday with someone is that they are just excited about the day as you are! Megan and I exchanged gifts this morning and she over heard me saying I wanted a new outfit to where out tonight but I didn’t have the time or money to purchase a new HOT outfit (my words haha). So guess what!? Megan surprised me with this outfit (left)! Now in the picture I am not all dolled up but just wait till tonight 😉 Thank you Megan!!

My present to Megan was a Pinterest Pin that I discovered!  It is a After Party Essential kit. Filled with coffee, energy drink, Asprin, and mouth wash. ;). Wow I keep winking. Must be my 21st Birthday! 😉

My day has been pretty normal and I necessarily don’t feel any older but I wonder if Megan has wrinkles yet!? Being 5 minutes older and all hehe. I went on a run this morning, attended horticulture lab and developed a presentation this afternoon that is due Friday. I am about to go to curves to get strength conditioning in and before I went I just wanted to share with my blog followers how great of a birthday I am having so far!! Like my friend Mo said, “Is Ames ready for us?” 12801413_10208029626772181_2940046520952066807_n


Blow’n it Down

Last week when my dad called; I knew there was something he wasn’t sharing. His voice just didn’t seem quite right. Soon he broke the silence by beginning the discussion with… “you know that big wind that came through last week?” “Well, it took down the old corn crib.” My dad knew sorrow would soon be creeping into my thoughts. I couldn’t believe one of the barns that I loved so much could just fall down. 12688170_10207975186691213_4089568872501998053_nNow, if you look at the sides the barn; it wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with but this is a sign (like many things on our farm) that our homestead is really 103 years old! My dad being more practical than I am; declared that it was just a matter of time and we really didn’t use it anyways. To me the barn is a sign of the past. Representing where we came from but with age the farm has seen its days.

12805901_10207975187011221_6067828944466658096_nI think I am trying to hold on to the memory of the thriving farm that it once was, but my dad helped put into perspective that to create a working and sustainable operation; we need sturdy buildings. Being in college has taught me to be strong in times of hardship. I can feel myself maturing. I am beginning to realize that it is the memories I hold onto and not the physical things after all. I have had an emotional heart over the past few weeks; having seen Josie in her aging state and the barn “Blow’n down!” But I am strong and can see a thriving farm operation in my future. This is just one step in pushing me towards that direction!