Motivation after SPRING BREAK

941056_10208105324704582_7294224389125532892_n Getting motivated after SPRING BREAK!!! Finishing up a week of fun and relaxation may make it hard to feel motivated but I am anticipating my classes and looking forward to wrapping up the semester. Being back in Ames has already improved my eating and workout habits. I am back to a routine that I walk through on a daily basis. This morning I woke up and enjoyed my last day off. I had a cup of coffee and switched a load of laundry but as soon as Good Morning America was over; I was back at it. Beginning homework and projects that are due next week and working on a few work assignments. For lunch I will enjoy a V-Core Protein Shake with Multipure nutrition to add an extra boost to my immune system. Motivation starts with just jumping in and that is what I plan to do after a week of no structure. 🙂 Want to know more about my workout routine? Comment below and I would be happy to chat with you.



Today CURVES is on my agenda. I am looking forward to getting strength training in. It has been a few days and I am feeling slow and sluggish. It amazes me what activity does to your body!! I feel lighter and more flexible with everything I do!!

Just remember college students- or anyone who has taken a break from reality- to get back into routine is all about moderation. Allow yourself to ease back into strict structure. Don’t be hard on yourself and be FLEXIBLE. The most important thing you can do is to listen to your body and give yourself the best nutrition to fuel your body.


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