Prepping for #HappilyEverHibbs

We are in the double digits people! The realization sunk in when I received an invite to my own bridal shower. I was like…wait this is for me! OMG I am getting married!!!


Wedding plans have taken over my life! This week was CRAZY!!! I am having so much fun planning and I wanted to give you a little sneak peak. 😉


Invites won’t be sent until September but last weekend Mom, Deb, Megan, Morgan and I all got together to hand write and assemble 160 cards. I can’t wait for you to see the design. I love them!!! Now to only get them to you!


Man I look sleepy in the photo below and we were only half-way done with invites!


Okay here comes the fun part! Tyler and I met with the cater on Wednesday to finalize our menu and boy does it sound delicious! I’ll give you a hint…what is cheesy, fattening and at almost every party? Heck yes!! PARTY POTATOES! And while we were meeting with the cater, we walked around South Slope and took note on how to decorate.


I even had my first hair trial this week! It was so much fun and I loved the end result. Of course I can’t let you see it but just know Chelsea kept describing the up-do as romantic and elegant <3!


Decorations are off to a great start! A couple weekends ago I transformed our garage into a paint studio and painted our card box and a few window panes. I am not sure if Dad even noticed the milk jug missing from his front porch haha.


And Papa! Papa has done a wonderful job with wedding decorations. I can’t wait to show you everything he has made from bushel baskets to a welcome sign and easel.


There is a lot going on and don’t let me fool you, it is certainly stressful at times. It is easy to get wrapped up in the details but I am trying to remember that ultimately it is a celebration of our marriage (uniting as one) and not a celebration of our wedding day. That being said, to say I wasn’t excited about our wedding day would be a lie but I am even more excited to start a life with my best friend!