My 4-H Experience

Hey everyone! I thought I would jump on here and write a response to Vegan News “4-H is a Terrorist Organization” video. I re-watched the video, this time taking notes. The number of false claims in this video is ridiculous! They begin the video by saying 4-H is a program put on by FFA. First off, they are two separate organizations. Then they go on to say that 4-H teaches us to lose our compassion for animals…which is just laughable because 4-H taught me to have more compassion for animals, people and the community! In Genesis 28 God gives to man authority over all that was created on earth. Man is to take care of and use the earth. Man is to have the authority over all that was created. This means that man is to assume the control and protection of all that God had created. We are to care for animals but ultimately they have been put on this earth to help meet our essential needs, just like vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. That being said, let me share with you the life lessons 4-H has taught me. 40191_1478674540542_4796954_nI patiently (okay maybe impatiently) awaited for my 9th birthday! The year I could finally join 4-H! I participated by showing cattle, pigs and sheep. I also enjoyed working exhibits, photography and home improvement projects. My love and passion for agriculture is credited to my 4-H years. I discovered who I wanted to be when I grew up and 4-H is what led me to my interest in agriculture communications. 40103_1478688700896_258161_nShowing livestock opened my eyes to a whole new sport. All of the hard work, dedication and sweat was proof of my love and compassion towards my 4-H livestock. Yes, we do get close to the animals and yes it does get easier to sell them every year but no we do not lose our compassion. I would argue that 4-Her’s grow is understanding and respect year after year. Life is not easy and it comes with sorrow, 4-H teaches real life-lessons! 40191_1478674500541_3445617_nAnd it is not about the monetary value that the video describes. Showing livestock does teach youth about financial responsibility but the reward is not the check at the end. It is a added bonus if you have money to save but for most, it is paying for feed, paying for the initial investment or using the money to purchase an animal for the next year. The life lessons I learned about finances was tremendously helpful leading into college and adult life. 40191_1478674580543_5634249_nShowing livestock taught me responsibility. Waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning during summer break is not a typical high school student’s routine but for us it wasn’t out of the norm. Our livestock needed fed, rinsed and walked twice a day. Show animals lead a very good life. In fact all of the animals on our farm are well taken cared of. 1914804_1417869820462_1672163_nBesides animal exhibits, 4-H taught me professional and communication skills through presentations and working exhibits. Unlike the video posted yesterday, I will stay on topic and not jab fingers. I will not put down veganism and I will not state judgement about another’s life-style.  18238776_10211760114472042_645110906933292167_o4-H youth are future farmers, doctors, teachers, engineers, designers, and innovators! My career journey started at age 9 when I signed up to show my first heifer “Carmel.” Yes I know how to spell caramel but my 9 year old self did not and that is okay! It is okay to be ourselves and that is exactly what 4-H taught me. 22008153_10213093511406132_8361227081800395016_nI now have the opportunity to work with youth everyday! Our Linn County Farm Bureau mission is to increase youth awareness on the importance of agriculture, agriculture careers and the benefits of agriculture throughout an individual’s life. 15027369_10210150646676353_5271233570585909426_nStay Farm Strong 4-Hers! Remember to be a leader in your community and don’t let what others say knock you down.  All thoughts are my own!



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One thought on “My 4-H Experience

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! 4-H is so much more than showing livestock. While that is part of it the video fails to mention that 4-Hers are judged on showmanship;their knowledge and treatment of their animal and herdsmanship; how well the animals are cared for in general. Also if 4-Hers make a profit of their animal they are likely saving for college not buying am Xbox. It makes me sad how ill informed some people are. Horticulture is a project area that the video fails to mention although it ridicules the lack of gardening in 4-H. Thanks Morgan for your point of view! Hopefully more people can see it for the truth it is.


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