2018 Farm Progress Show Favorites

Dad mentioned he was going to the Farm Progress Show with Bruce and I jumped at the opportunity to tag along. I was even able to convince Tyler to take a day off work and I am sure glad he did! We had a blast learning about the newest innovations in agriculture.


It was a beautiful sweatshirt weather type of day with temperatures ranging in the high 60s, my favorite! My curiosity and interest peaked with each exhibit! Agriculture is a industry that is always changing and evolving to meet the needs of our growing population and consumer needs/wants.


My favorite exhibit was the bioreactor! I have been wanting to see one in person for a few years now! A bioreactor is a trench in the ground packed with material such as wood chips that allow colonization of soil bacteria that convert nitrate in drainage water to nitrogen gas. A bioreactor is just one conservation practice available to help improve water quality!


A few other highlights included the self-propelled hay baler, Tribine (a combine with a grain cart), Fendt Combine and the cattle handling presentations.

And the cherry on top…taking a photo at the Iowa State tent! First time visiting the Farm Progress Show as an Iowa State University graduate.


Hope to see you at the 2020 Farm Progress Show in Boone Iowa! Goodnight Picking Wild Flowers! I hope you get lots of zzzz’s!