Feeling Blessed

At the moment I am sipping hot cocoa while watching Country Christmas on ABC! It is hard to believe we only have 2 weeks of classes before finals! This past week was a great whirl wind! Pardon me while I stop singing “Wish You a Merry Christmas” and switch gears back to Thanksgiving. I am feeling blessed and thankful for many things!

Two weekends ago Dad, Tyler, and Kyle came up to watch the Iowa State Game. Dad should have joined us for more! With that score I think he was good luck!


Man was it cold that day! But I am not complaining, this year has been abnormally warm. The rest of the week was fantastic! I had the opportunity to spend  a lot of good quality time with family. Including a workout session with Michael!! #PureTorture!

On Friday, Megan and I helped Pleasant Valley decorate Christmas trees. In return I took a few flowers home to play with ;).

The “Feeling Blessed” Flower Recipe is below! Follow the steps and enjoy!!


I started with an empty vase that is narrow towards the top. I chose to add twine around the lip but if you have a different color of ribbon feel free to add your own personality.

Dawn gave me a great variety of flowers to arrange with! For the first one I decided to try a simple rose bouquet. I learned through my research that alternation is key to a symmetrical and uniform arrangement.


Tyler and I enjoyed dinner with his parents on Friday night and I had the opportunity to take my flowers with me. 🙂


I created a second bouquet with the rest of the flowers and took them over to Grandma Pats; she loved them!


I am interested in growing my own flowers this summer. If you have any tips and tricks you’ve learned over the years please let me know!

Have a great holiday season! I hope to again make a weekly presence on Picking Wild Flowers! A month was way to long!

Remember to feel thankful for our many blessings everyday!