God’s Nature is My Nurture

It was nice to have the week off before heading back to Ames. I was able to focus on packing and really taking time to myself. This week I completed a section on God’s powerful nature.

nature 11

God’s Nature is really my Nurture. Looking at the stars at night, walking/running down gravel paths, watching the sun set, hearing the birds sing, examining wildlife footprints on freshly fallen snow- All of this he has done for us.

The study was centered around: introducing the world, diving into the great depths, and finishing by showing praise and appreciation.

In Genesis: God created humans to rule over the birds, mammals, and every creeping thing. All was for us; to be in the image of him.

nature 8

We were not there when earth was created; so how could we possibly have an understanding to how vast and wonderful the world really is?

Job 38: Who holds in the seas borders? Who Commands morning and night? Do we know the depths of darkness?

God is the only one who controls nature. He uses sarcasm in Job to get his point across. The world was not created in seconds. God took his time and added a lot of details.

nature 10

Job 39: The ostrich leaves its eggs in the ground and lets them be warmed by the earth. Letting God and the world take the fate of the eggs in their hands.

Seeing new birth and the cycle of life really shows God’s nature at work. How could something so perfect and pure be created in the midst of floods, wild fires, elections, and everyday world news? The answer: its possible with God’s help and doing.

nature 6

Psalm 8: Praise for the creator

Psalm 8 really focused on praising God. The verse uses the term majestic. I personally have never used that word to refer to God but it fits everything I have read about nature to a tee. The section goes into depth about entering into a harmony, one that is of a delicate balance.

nature 3

Its remarkable how even the sun and moon provide for us everyday. I tend to take a lot of the things God has blessed us with for granted and this passage has really made me think about slowing down and literally smelling the roses. Many things about God’s Nature is my Nurture. I have grown to love running, playing with my dog outside, tending to cattle chores, and taking a nature walk down to our creek.

All of this was provided for me; just like nature was provided for all of you.

Enjoy the last bit of summer!! 🙂

“Breath In & Breath Out”

“Good Afternoon” Yoga! Yesterday I wrapped up my summer internship with a fitness and health camp. It was fun watching the kids enjoy yoga, boxing, healthy snacks, and learning about sugar intake, serving sizes, and “MyPlate.”

“Downward Dog”

Megan was able to join me this week! Megan, Katie (Washington Co. volunteer) and I had a blast interacting with the kids and gearing them up to make smarter food choices. We enjoyed a book called “Fast Food.” Fast food does not always have to be greasy and full of empty calories. There are healthier options on the menu and being prepared ahead of time will help you to make the best choice.


We discussed ways to prep and enjoy vegetables on the GO. Making healthier options OUR “Fast Foods!”

test 2

I asked the campers to dish out their typical plate of spaghetti. Most plates were filled with pasta; as mine would have been! The kids were surprised to learn that 1/2 cup was one serving of spaghetti. Looking at me with wide eyes, I explained that we should vary our meals. If we have only one serving of pasta than we should add 1 piece of toast (garlic bread), a side of broccoli or side salad, and a fruit or dairy side (peaches/cottage cheese).


We walked to the community garden in Brighton. I hoped the kids enjoyed the time outside as much as I did! It was fun looking at all of the different colors. I love how enthusiastic they became when we discovered vegetables, flowers, bees, butterflies, and much more.


What’s your move? The youth had the opportunity to try tag, yoga, and boxing. I really believe in the importance of varying your exercises. I am training for a half marathon https://pickingwildflowers.org/2016/07/24/training-for-a-12-marathon/  and I am realizing first hand how important it is to mix things up. I want to ensure that I am not going to get burnt out before I compete. Just moving your body is one of the key things a person can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A few of the kids really found their inner peace. 🙂

Above: Lydia is concentrating on “breathing in & breathing out.” The kids had some quiet time where they had the opportunity to concentrate on breathing.

I enjoyed coordinating the Fitness and Health camp. I am very passionate about finding the balance between what we eat and how we move.

Missed out on all of my summer adventures? Here is the link to most of my summer posts. https://pickingwildflowers.org/tag/farm/

My senior year at Iowa State starts in 1 week!!!!! EEEEEEK Stay tuned for all things Fitness, Farm, Faith, and Food related!

Thanks for reading!




7 Back to School Snack Ideas!

This morning I graduated 25 youth from Babysitting Basics. It was a bittersweet moment. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the time to pack up my car and head back to Ames is approaching a little faster than I had expected, maybe it means my warm summer days are coming to an end, or it could have something to do with completing my summer with Extension! Most likely it has something to do with all three! I have learned so much from my time with Washington, Iowa, and Johnson County. The kids have really made my summer full of fun and laughter. I have one week left of camps- stay tuned for next week’s Fitness and Health Camp recap. 🙂


But, this summer has not been all Picking Wild Flowers (see what I did there!? instead of roses?? haha); there is always a MESS involved with Summer Day Camps!! If only you could imagine… blue frosting on noses and hands, cookie crumbs all over the floor, and just wait for it… gold fish smashed into the sidewalk. :O!!

So here I go with 7 very cute but messy snack ideas.

1. Fish Bowls: Crackers, Blue Frosting, and Gold Fish13882509_1125773530795244_5831566013821876651_n

2. Individual Dirt Cups: Pudding, Oreos, and Worms


3. Grape Trees: Grapes and Pretzels


4. Zucchini Bites: Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes Baked in Coconut Oil and Parmesan Cheese

zuchinni 1

5. Homemade Chex Mix: Pretzels, M&Ms, Goldfish, Cereal

chex mix

6. “Feed Mix:” Cheerios, Pretzels, M&Ms, and Rasins

Feed Mix

7. Vegetable Test Tasting: Make it Interesting by Adding a Few Unique Veggies


Your kids will love all of these great summer or Back to SCHOOL snack ideas. Introducing foods in a unique way is a great option for adding variety into your child’s meals. Comment below or like my blog by following me. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one.

Have a great weekend! Until next time!