Exciting flower news!

Hello Picking Wild Flowers! This is my 89th blog post! 89th!! That seems crazy. I began this blog three years ago on February 6th, 2016 as a way to journal my thoughts about all things food, fitness, farm and faith related. Overtime it has evolved and is currently a space for me to write about anything and everything!68253296_10218488599879972_2803747658622042112_nThe title for the site came from the song “Pickin’ Wildflowers,” by Keith Anderson. I have always loved the lyrics: “Sneak away for a couple of hours, you and me baby picking wildflowers.” There is something calming and beautiful about the idea of walking through a field of flowers. I realize that isn’t what the song is about… but for me it was about being in a place that makes me happy haha.68565367_10218488595279857_9078482616499306496_nI loved spending time in the greenhouse at Iowa State University! It felt so calming to walk through a room full of plants and flowers! This is where my dream for growing my own cut flower garden began. It began as an idea that just wouldn’t seem to go away. I made my first arrangement that fall. I carved out a pumpkin and potted some mums. I had so much fun and found it to be very therapeutic. Come to find out, my Great Grandma Ball loved flowers and gardening! I must have inherited the passion. 70015227_10218682036515767_6318774053586862080_nWhat began as a slight interest soon turned into a fun hobby. I began by replanting dad’s garden bed in the front of his house. I also made a few arrangements for family and friends. But, it wasn’t until I met Tyler that I began thinking about the possibility of growing my own cut flowers. Mom always had a garden growing up so I thought I would probably grow vegetables but it didn’t occur to me to grow my own flowers. 69655202_10218566630630692_8239161499084390400_nTyler and I began researching. We learned about drip tape, tilling, flower varieties, weed fabric, etc. and that following summer we had our very first cut flower garden. It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up year three. Previously my flowers have been for myself but I hope to sell some arrangements to all of you next year. 69236920_10218519863701548_8197760690115575808_nThis site, Picking Wild Flowers, will always hold a special place in my heart, but I think it is time for a change. Picking Wild Flowers is getting a new look! I am in the process of creating a new brand for our flower garden and my personal blog. 68751633_10218519820140459_1146851646370742272_nPicking Wild Flowers is transitioning to Farmhouse Flowers! The idea to create a new brand came from many conversations with Tyler. Where do I see this hobby going? Do I plan to grow the garden or remain the same size? How will the brand reflect the product I am producing? I decided that Farmhouse Flowers better suits my mission. The name came as an inspiration from the family farm. Multiple generations have grown up on the farm. Grandma Ball had her big garden right behind the house. The old farm house has a vintage charm and my goal is to carry that into my arrangements. Josie, Grandpa’s last cow, had to play a special role. You can see her name and silhouette in the logo below. The new website will allow room for growth. 

Blog posts will remain a place for me to journal my thoughts but I hope to focus the topics a bit! The current Picking Wild Flowers blog will remain live until I have the other site up and ready to go. The new logo design is below. Let me know what you think of the new look! Farmhouse flowers

I hope you are just as excited about this transition as I am! Thank you for taking the time to read Picking Wild Flowers! It means so much to me!