Cow Preg Checking

This weekend was for sure a busy one! It had been a month since I was last home and making the rounds was certainly needed. Friday night Mom made a delicious stir fry that warmed me inside and out. Once our bellies were full Michael, Tyler and I explored Scream Acres in Atkins. It was a perfect combination of festive and spooky fun.


Saturday morning’s sun appeared way to fast but I jumped out of bed and headed to Dads to meet the vet. Every Fall we conduct palpate pregnancy examinations to determine our cow’s due dates.

To be a sustainable and viable cattle operation we occasionally need to make difficult decisions regarding the cows. This year we are going to sell one cow because she appeared open during our examinations. As we continue to grow our goal is to only keep the best genes in our herd.


We are currently managing 22 cows and in the next few years our plan is to grow to 30. We corralled the cows into a round pen to be filed one at a time into the chute. Once in the chute the cows received vaccinations and pregnancy exams. The vaccinations will keep them healthy throughout the winter and spring months.

I enjoyed spending time on the farm and I am looking forward to coming back to help manage the cow herd in May. Once the job was complete we headed into town to buy supplies for our annual hay rack ride.


I enjoyed catching up with great friends this weekend! Shout out to Morgan C and Kassie!! It was great to see you ladies 🙂


Until next time!! Have a great day Picking Wild Flowers!

Falling Leaves

Happy Tuesday FLOWER Lovers! This weekend was crazy busy!! The orchard is in full bloom and the lines for the Cafe are beyond a comfortable limit!! Apple donuts, pies, and hot cider is pushing my fall fetish to full capacity!!

Side Note: I am playing on an undefeated intramural volleyball team!! Talk about a GREAT Monday! 🙂

Back to the post topic:  

Today we have an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Education Training Session and I get to supply the flowers!! I am so excited to represent Picking Wild Flowers during our meeting. I really enjoy the extra practice and opportunity to express myself!


I wanted to create a design that was professional but still made the room feel comfortable. I decided to cook up a pretty simple arrangement. A good center piece starts with a vase. I purchased 7 small vases with two different styles.


The focus flowers include Baby’s Breath and Daisies. I am currently IN LOVE with Fall and I wanted to represent the leaves turning. The Baby’s Breath made a nice neutral base. I added a brown vegetation (optional) behind the Baby’s Breath to help highlight the colors in the Daisies.


Daisies come in all sorts of colors! (Wink Wink: Red, Orange, and Yellow)


Always start with the base flowers!


Place the focus flower.


They all don’t have to be exactly alike but should be similar. It is nice to add a touch of personality to each one.


And I am off!! A bucket of flowers surely can make one’s day!! #FoodForTheSoul


Autumn’s Bliss Recipe

My first floral recipe! I am so excited to share this Fall arrangement with you.  Grab your coffee, your favorite vase and lets cook!


I began by purchasing the following flowers: 2 Daisies, 5 White Roses, 3 Hydrangea, 1 bunch of Ornamental Grass, 5 Alstroemeria, and 5 Limonium stems. I also made sure to throw flower food into my cart (Top Fresh dissolves into the water and helps prevent bacteria growth).

I will try and let the pictures tell the story :).


Strip the flowers of all stem leaves. Conserve the plants energy to extend flower longevity.


Begin with the base and place the focus flowers aesthetically.





5 TIPS from #TheGathering



Tonight I attended a conference for women entrepreneurs called The Gathering. The conference’s slogan was “empowered women empower women.” Today I feel motivated, today I feel inspired, and today I feel empowered. I feel empowered to do what I love and to do it well. I have been thinking a lot about the floral industry and in what ways I may be able to disrupt the market. How can I differentiate myself from the HyVee flowers and Floweramas of the world? How can I enter a saturated industry and still be successful? I need to be different and I need to be unique.

200 inspiring entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear from 5 business women. I soaked in many tips and trades and would like to share the top 5 I gathered.

  1. Rippke Design, “Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you”
  2.  Kinosol, “Always listen to customer feedback”
  3. Kelsi Ziemann Artistry, “Start~Explore~Refine”
  4. Peace Tree Brewing Company, “Be authentic”
  5. Creme Cupcake + Dessert, “Be Patient and Persistent

I am in the middle of creating a business plan for Picking Wild Flowers. What do I want my business to look like? How do I begin? In what ways do I want to direct my arrangements? How can I become more knowledgeable about the industry?


I am engulfing in research and practice. The process is a long one but I know if I am patient and persistent I will get there. I am excited to blog my first floral recipe this weekend! 🙂