Cow Preg Checking

This weekend was for sure a busy one! It had been a month since I was last home and making the rounds was certainly needed. Friday night Mom made a delicious stir fry that warmed me inside and out. Once our bellies were full Michael, Tyler and I explored Scream Acres in Atkins. It was a perfect combination of festive and spooky fun.


Saturday morning’s sun appeared way to fast but I jumped out of bed and headed to Dads to meet the vet. Every Fall we conduct palpate pregnancy examinations to determine our cow’s due dates.

To be a sustainable and viable cattle operation we occasionally need to make difficult decisions regarding the cows. This year we are going to sell one cow because she appeared open during our examinations. As we continue to grow our goal is to only keep the best genes in our herd.


We are currently managing 22 cows and in the next few years our plan is to grow to 30. We corralled the cows into a round pen to be filed one at a time into the chute. Once in the chute the cows received vaccinations and pregnancy exams. The vaccinations will keep them healthy throughout the winter and spring months.

I enjoyed spending time on the farm and I am looking forward to coming back to help manage the cow herd in May. Once the job was complete we headed into town to buy supplies for our annual hay rack ride.


I enjoyed catching up with great friends this weekend! Shout out to Morgan C and Kassie!! It was great to see you ladies 🙂


Until next time!! Have a great day Picking Wild Flowers!

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