Falling Leaves

Happy Tuesday FLOWER Lovers! This weekend was crazy busy!! The orchard is in full bloom and the lines for the Cafe are beyond a comfortable limit!! Apple donuts, pies, and hot cider is pushing my fall fetish to full capacity!!

Side Note: I am playing on an undefeated intramural volleyball team!! Talk about a GREAT Monday! 🙂

Back to the post topic:  

Today we have an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Education Training Session and I get to supply the flowers!! I am so excited to represent Picking Wild Flowers during our meeting. I really enjoy the extra practice and opportunity to express myself!


I wanted to create a design that was professional but still made the room feel comfortable. I decided to cook up a pretty simple arrangement. A good center piece starts with a vase. I purchased 7 small vases with two different styles.


The focus flowers include Baby’s Breath and Daisies. I am currently IN LOVE with Fall and I wanted to represent the leaves turning. The Baby’s Breath made a nice neutral base. I added a brown vegetation (optional) behind the Baby’s Breath to help highlight the colors in the Daisies.


Daisies come in all sorts of colors! (Wink Wink: Red, Orange, and Yellow)


Always start with the base flowers!


Place the focus flower.


They all don’t have to be exactly alike but should be similar. It is nice to add a touch of personality to each one.


And I am off!! A bucket of flowers surely can make one’s day!! #FoodForTheSoul


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