5 TIPS from #TheGathering



Tonight I attended a conference for women entrepreneurs called The Gathering. The conference’s slogan was “empowered women empower women.” Today I feel motivated, today I feel inspired, and today I feel empowered. I feel empowered to do what I love and to do it well. I have been thinking a lot about the floral industry and in what ways I may be able to disrupt the market. How can I differentiate myself from the HyVee flowers and Floweramas of the world? How can I enter a saturated industry and still be successful? I need to be different and I need to be unique.

200 inspiring entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear from 5 business women. I soaked in many tips and trades and would like to share the top 5 I gathered.

  1. Rippke Design, “Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you”
  2.  Kinosol, “Always listen to customer feedback”
  3. Kelsi Ziemann Artistry, “Start~Explore~Refine”
  4. Peace Tree Brewing Company, “Be authentic”
  5. Creme Cupcake + Dessert, “Be Patient and Persistent

I am in the middle of creating a business plan for Picking Wild Flowers. What do I want my business to look like? How do I begin? In what ways do I want to direct my arrangements? How can I become more knowledgeable about the industry?


I am engulfing in research and practice. The process is a long one but I know if I am patient and persistent I will get there. I am excited to blog my first floral recipe this weekend! 🙂

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