Welcome Flowers to the Tag Line


I am very excited to announce that Picking Wild Flowers has a fresh new look. I have made a few changes to the design and mission of my blog. Picking Wild Flowers will now mainly focus on Farm and Flowers. There are few people around me who know of my love for flowers. I hope to bring the title Picking Wild Flowers to life by sharing my arrangements and horticulture knowledge through this online platform.

My goal is to work hands on and to bring joy to those around me. The floral industry is becoming very integrated. One top retailer owns majority of the market, but why not change the market with unique, local, and innovative arrangements?


I came to Iowa State wanting to pursue an Animal Science focus, but luckily God had a different plan for me. All of the animal science classes were continuously full and as much as I love livestock; I will be forever grateful for my first opportunity with horticulture. I have grown to love designing and creating floral arrangements. Here are a few of the fall arrangements I created last fall. I am anticipating the time this year when I can snuggle in my warm apartment with a cup of coffee and a whole list of possibilities in front of me.


I hope you enjoy the new direction my blog is heading. I am very excited to post future bouquets. Join me on this journey and see Picking Wild Flowers evolve.


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