God’s Nature is My Nurture

It was nice to have the week off before heading back to Ames. I was able to focus on packing and really taking time to myself. This week I completed a section on God’s powerful nature.

nature 11

God’s Nature is really my Nurture. Looking at the stars at night, walking/running down gravel paths, watching the sun set, hearing the birds sing, examining wildlife footprints on freshly fallen snow- All of this he has done for us.

The study was centered around: introducing the world, diving into the great depths, and finishing by showing praise and appreciation.

In Genesis: God created humans to rule over the birds, mammals, and every creeping thing. All was for us; to be in the image of him.

nature 8

We were not there when earth was created; so how could we possibly have an understanding to how vast and wonderful the world really is?

Job 38: Who holds in the seas borders? Who Commands morning and night? Do we know the depths of darkness?

God is the only one who controls nature. He uses sarcasm in Job to get his point across. The world was not created in seconds. God took his time and added a lot of details.

nature 10

Job 39: The ostrich leaves its eggs in the ground and lets them be warmed by the earth. Letting God and the world take the fate of the eggs in their hands.

Seeing new birth and the cycle of life really shows God’s nature at work. How could something so perfect and pure be created in the midst of floods, wild fires, elections, and everyday world news? The answer: its possible with God’s help and doing.

nature 6

Psalm 8: Praise for the creator

Psalm 8 really focused on praising God. The verse uses the term majestic. I personally have never used that word to refer to God but it fits everything I have read about nature to a tee. The section goes into depth about entering into a harmony, one that is of a delicate balance.

nature 3

Its remarkable how even the sun and moon provide for us everyday. I tend to take a lot of the things God has blessed us with for granted and this passage has really made me think about slowing down and literally smelling the roses. Many things about God’s Nature is my Nurture. I have grown to love running, playing with my dog outside, tending to cattle chores, and taking a nature walk down to our creek.

All of this was provided for me; just like nature was provided for all of you.

Enjoy the last bit of summer!! 🙂

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