My first Farm Progress Show

Good Morning Picking Wild Flowers and Welcome Back! 


This weeks marks my first appearance at the Farm Progress Show. I was thrilled to be part of such an empowering event! This morning I am sitting here sipping my coffee and meditating over what took place this week!

14224886_10209468393500450_522510907362628833_nI have had the privilege to work with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Agriculture for going on three years. This Summer Lisa, WIA Communications Specialist, was hard at work interviewing and capturing the story of 8 amazing #WomeninAg. During the Farm Progress Show I had opportunity to connect with the women. I have never met 8 women more deserving of this award. The Impacting the Land recognition was about finding women that made great contributions to managing and protecting their land.


I made a lot of memories at the 2016 Farm Progress Show. Working in the Iowa State University Tent really opened my eyes to future possibilities. I am excited to enter such an amazing industry. Farmers are some of the most humble and hard working people I know. I could feel the passion radiating off each individual as they shared their own story. This week was particularly special because my dad was able to join me at the show.


I was able to walk around with Dad and Bruce for a little while before heading off to my Beef Science Lab. The FPS is a great place to get ideas and motivation. I loved seeing all of the innovation and excitement! There are a lot of great things taking place in agriculture.

One thing I question is the absence of livestock farming at the FPS. I advocate that we bring in livestock producers; trailer companies, hoop buildings, feeding systems, etc. Being a cattle farmer; I was looking for ways to improve our own herd. Crop farming ties in with livestock production, but it may be beneficial to have both! 🙂

Besides that small rant, I could not have asked for a better FPS! It is in a lovely location and the staff are very dedicated to producing a beautiful agriculture show!

Impacting the Land, Julie Walters, said “Morgan you have the whole world in front of you, don’t let anyone tell you that women can’t farm.” 


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