Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

mbjblHappy Friday Picking Wild Flowers! This week I began the daunting but exciting task of looking for a job. I hope to find a career that allows me to express my passion for agriculture through writing and hands on work.

Worry started to seep into my thoughts and the more I tried to push it away, the more it continued to grow . Before I knew it I had a huge weight on my shoulders. This is when I decided to turn to God.


I began a study on my bible app called Worry-Finding Peace. The study focuses on the what and why behind worry.

“Ultimately, worry comes down to two things: fear and a lack of trust.”

“God wants us to face the future with confidence.”

Proverbs 3 states: Trust on the Lord with all your heart and don’t rely on your own intelligence.

God has provided for me up to date so I am going to trust God with this next huge chapter of my life. He has a plan for me and I need to learn to trust more.

I am letting my worry go by praying to God and focusing on the small things that bring me joy! We have many blessings in life and right now I am very thankful for Fall.



“Hoodies, Hot cocoa, boots, jeans, cuddling, crisp air, flushed cheeks. I live for Autumn!” Who else is excited to consume all things pumpkin???


I am very excited to announce that there may be a few changes occurring on my blog, Picking Wild Flowers, in the coming weeks. As I mentioned above; I am beginning to think about my future which includes praying to God about all all of my options.

Below is a little sneak peak.


I am very excited about this addition to the blog! Can anyone guess what it might be?? Comment below. 😉

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