Being a TWIN and TURNING 21

12791095_10208029626372171_4183485998283223968_nMegan, we are 21!!! The best thing about sharing your birthday with someone is that they are just excited about the day as you are! Megan and I exchanged gifts this morning and she over heard me saying I wanted a new outfit to where out tonight but I didn’t have the time or money to purchase a new HOT outfit (my words haha). So guess what!? Megan surprised me with this outfit (left)! Now in the picture I am not all dolled up but just wait till tonight 😉 Thank you Megan!!

My present to Megan was a Pinterest Pin that I discovered!  It is a After Party Essential kit. Filled with coffee, energy drink, Asprin, and mouth wash. ;). Wow I keep winking. Must be my 21st Birthday! 😉

My day has been pretty normal and I necessarily don’t feel any older but I wonder if Megan has wrinkles yet!? Being 5 minutes older and all hehe. I went on a run this morning, attended horticulture lab and developed a presentation this afternoon that is due Friday. I am about to go to curves to get strength conditioning in and before I went I just wanted to share with my blog followers how great of a birthday I am having so far!! Like my friend Mo said, “Is Ames ready for us?” 12801413_10208029626772181_2940046520952066807_n


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