Blow’n it Down

Last week when my dad called; I knew there was something he wasn’t sharing. His voice just didn’t seem quite right. Soon he broke the silence by beginning the discussion with… “you know that big wind that came through last week?” “Well, it took down the old corn crib.” My dad knew sorrow would soon be creeping into my thoughts. I couldn’t believe one of the barns that I loved so much could just fall down. 12688170_10207975186691213_4089568872501998053_nNow, if you look at the sides the barn; it wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with but this is a sign (like many things on our farm) that our homestead is really 103 years old! My dad being more practical than I am; declared that it was just a matter of time and we really didn’t use it anyways. To me the barn is a sign of the past. Representing where we came from but with age the farm has seen its days.

12805901_10207975187011221_6067828944466658096_nI think I am trying to hold on to the memory of the thriving farm that it once was, but my dad helped put into perspective that to create a working and sustainable operation; we need sturdy buildings. Being in college has taught me to be strong in times of hardship. I can feel myself maturing. I am beginning to realize that it is the memories I hold onto and not the physical things after all. I have had an emotional heart over the past few weeks; having seen Josie in her aging state and the barn “Blow’n down!” But I am strong and can see a thriving farm operation in my future. This is just one step in pushing me towards that direction!


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