April Showers Brings NAMA Nationals

What is NAMA???? National Agriculture Marketing Association and something that has brought a lot of joy and value into my college experience. The mission: Iowa State NAMA educates students first-hand on the real-world principles of marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship within agriculture and the food system. NAMA is both a student and 420090_10150612555213375_859996869_nprofessional organization. Through the student organization I have opportunities to enhance my marketing/communication skills as well as network with both students and professionals.  One opportunity that leads to both education and networking is the NAMA Marketing Team. I have had the privilege to work with an amazing group of ISU students to design and implement a marketing strategy for a land evaluation tool. I can’t give to much away until after Nationals ;). Marketing team began in August and has been in working progress until this point. We are now working to finalize our design materials and presentation. So what goes into a marketing strategy!?

The first step; picking a product.  A product that is unique, eye catching, diverse, and has potential in a specific market. Next secondary and primary research was conducted. This was both challenging and rewarding as we embarked on exploring a product that we did not create but had to learn everything about to allow us to market. The rest of the semester was allocated to drafting the market summary.

Market Summary: marketing strategy, analysis, segment, yearly goals, competitor profile, SWOT Analysis strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threats), key planning assumptions, action plan, launch, push and pull strategies, financial analysis, and monitoring/measuring.

Second semester has been spent designing materials and creating a pitch to present during the 2016 NAMA Nationals. The Marketing Team is excited for this opportunity and we are looking forward to networking with marketing professionals throughout the agriculture industry.

Checkout what the NAMA Club has been up to outside of class during the 2015/16 school year.







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