Designing a Large Focal Arrangement

Check out the largest arrangement I have created to date! Last week I mentioned my blog would soon be filled with floral arrangements and today I bring you my first one!! I am enrolled in a floral course this semester taught by an owner of Coe’s Floral and Gifts. Each week we will design a new style of arrangement. I am soaking in the information and trying to be in the moment each week as I practice my design skills.


As we walked into the hen house (AKA lab work space, but why not call it the hen house? #ISU horticulture students… haha) I was shocked by all of the flowers we had to process! Iowa State has gone above and beyond my expectations for this class. To process the flowers we had to strip all of the leaves and clip the stem diagonally to open the pores. While traveling, the flowers are in a state of “sleep” they are subject to a cold treatment that keeps them from growing. To “awaken” the blooms we need to use a flower hydrate solution. This encourages the stems to fill with water.


Dan, Coe’s Floral and Gifts owner, designed a recipe in advance for us to follow. The large focal arrangement included 3 Liatris stems, 3 Daisy Mums, 3 Purple Stocks, 3 Carnations, 3 White Daisies, 3 stems of Solidago, and Leather Leaf.


It was fun following the instructor as he gave some tips and tricks to the art of design. I was intimidated at first by the small bowl compared to the amount of flowers weย were given, but in the end it was really fun to experiment with.


Guess what Picking Wild Flowers???? Tyler and I received the seed catalogs and have picked out the flowers we want to try growing this summer!! As many of you have probably guessed, flowers have become a new passion of mine. I love agriculture and I love the idea of small scale flower farming. I think it ties in nicely with my love for cattle and agriculture advocacy. With whatever I do with my degree once I graduate; whether that be marketing, public relations, writing, extension, event planning, etc., I know I want to actively participate in farming too and flowers can be my avenue.

This summer I am going to start with a small flower garden on the west side of the machine shed. The garden will be small to begin with, but maybe in the next few years I can expand to an acre or two out in the country somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, I have decided to try Sunflowers, Rudbeckia, Liatris, Mums, Asters, Baby’s Breath, Iris, and maybe Lavender. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so excited!!! AHHH. Want to know what I am most excited for??? Being outside, getting my hands dirty, and creating something that brings joy to everyone!!!

Have a great week everyone and remember to appreciate all the beauty God has created.



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