Dear Valentine,

Dear Valentine,


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read Picking Wild Flowers each week. Your continuous support and encouragement is making my blog come to life. I wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

These three things continue: FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE… and the greatest of these is LOVE.



I love Valentines Day! I love celebrating LOVE and cherishing those who are in my life! This is Tyler and I’s first Valentines Day <3! Being as Valentines Day is on a Tuesday I won’t be able to see Ty, therefore, I made him treats last weekend before heading back to school. Have you ever heard of Iowa Girl Eats? If not check her out because these Triple Fudge Brownie Truffles are chocolate heaven!


Coming off a chocolate high, I introduce to you two designs from last week! Enjoy!

Design One:

Asymmetrical Design
3 Gerbera, 3 Bells of Ireland, 3 Aster, 2 Palm leaves, and 3 Linear Blue flowers
Bells of Ireland are so interesting!


Design Two: 

Roses, Alstromerias, and Zinnias for Grandma Pat from Dad

Have a great Valentines Day! 



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