Building the Herd

Good Morning Picking Wild Flowers! I have been neglecting my blog lately, but I am back and ready to pick up where I left off! I am in the midst of my last semester at Iowa State University and the reality is beginning to set in. I am enjoying my last few communication classes and electives as I wrap up my senior year. Soccer and floral design are by far my favorite classes! I am excited to bring you posts each week recapping the arrangements I make in class! Be on the look out for flowers, flowers, and more flowers! AHHHHHHH

Carnations that will be showcased in my next post 😉 

Last week I headed back home to participate in a variety of fun family activities! Friday, Tyler and I started our weekend by hanging out with a few of his friends. We enjoyed great appetizers and company! Have you ever heard of a game called 5 crowns? Me either!! At least I think that was what it was called haha! But any-who it was fun and you should try it!!

Saturday morning Dad, Michael, Tyler and I headed to Sigourney to an annual bull and bred heifer/cow sale. Dad was on a mission to buy a bull and couple heifers to add to our herd. I am overjoyed that it worked in my schedule to join him on the road trip.


We brought home these two lovely bred Angus heifers. Both ladies will be on Dad’s radar as they are due in the beginning of March!! Babies, Babies, and more Babies!! All of our cows should be calving around March and April. We now have 25 cows! Say What!?!? We are continuing to grow out herd, but how do you add quantity without loosing quality?


Before Saturday, we printed off the sale order and highlighted the ones we wanted to pay close attention to on sale day.

For our particular farm, we are looking for good structured heifers that are sound (strong walking pattern) in their path. We also are looking to add the bloodline Angus to our herd. This helped to narrow down our search.

I have had more practice picking out heifers and therefore that is what I am focusing on in this blog, but remember picking out a bull has similar steps.

Make sure to have a budget in mind when participating in the auction. Dad and I talked about how much we wanted to spend before we even left the house on Saturday morning.

Bid for the beautiful heifer with all the qualities you desire adding to the herd. I am proud to announce that our herd has grown by two!


The weekend fun did not end there! My uncle turned 50 last week and he had a surprise birthday party on Saturday night!! Mom, Steve, Michael, Ty, and I had so much fun helping him celebrate! Check out this awesome cake!


Sunday was a great day too, but more on that another time :)! I am excited to be connecting with all of you and I can’t wait to share more posts related to flowers and agriculture!



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