Diver by Day & Fair Goer by Night

Happy Friday Picking Wild Flowers! This week I was a diver by day and a fair goer by night. I have really loved working for extension this summer. I can see myself very happy in an extension profession.


The #CloverU theme; Oceans of Fun, had me searching for ways it was connected to agriculture- agriculture is about curiosity and passion. Then Ryker asked me, “why do you always wear a clover on your shirt to camps?” It hit me hard; I wear the clover because it holds a lot of empowerment in such a simple shape. I represent the clover through my actions, and I can say I am proud to demonstrate Head, Heart, Hand, and Health by the coordination of STEM camps this summer.

Oceans of Fun Day Camp in Kalona


I am no longer a 4-Her but I am striving to be a mentor and role model to those who are and to the kids I interact with. Attending the Johnson County fair this week brought back a lot of great memories. The photo below popped up on my news feed. It is not the trophies and the ribbons that will last a life time but it is the sweat, tears, pictures and people that truly made the fair feel like a family.

Baylie is now in Clover Kids! It is really fun to see the passion of showing pass to the next generation.

I see many connections between STEM and 4-H. Both create learning, curiosity, and life lessons.

My cousin Delaney did a great job in this years rabbit show!

“Oceans of Fun”was a very creative camp. The youth explored ocean creatures, types of water, depths of the sea, and pollution.


All of the campers enjoyed creating stuffed fish. “Did you know, fish have slime on them to protect their scales and that is why they don’t get wrinkly like we do,” one camper commented; just about melted by heart!!

Ada explored oil pollution

I had a wonderful week fishing for ocean creatures in Washington and reminiscing about my good O’l days showing at the Johnson County Fair.

Fish Bowl- cracker, frosting, and gold fish.

Check out how cute this fish bowl is! Stay tuned, I may write a summer snack post 😉





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