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Welcome to a world where I as an adult get to make messy slime and lava lamps, travel jungle explorations, and get to be a veterinarian for a day! I introduce you to #CloverU; a pre-kindergarten to 5th grade adventure.

Follow #CloverU and Picking Wild Flowers this summer to see the crazy, awesome lessons we have planned! We are still taking registrations so be sure to sign your kids up today (Johnson, Washington, or Iowa County)! I feel empowered to spike a love for agriculture and science in others.

Clover University has been inspired by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). All of the camps are designed to meet one of the topics listed. I have been busy planning away and here is what the summer has to hold:

Vet Science Camp (Grades 4 and 5)


Vet Science Camp will be filled with black lights, germ glow, banana shots, and ruminant stimulations. Kids will learn how to read/administer feed and medication labels while enjoying a fun “feed mix” snack. We might just bring in live animals to play with! 😉



Digging Deeper (Grades 2 and 3)


Digging Deeper kids will begin their day with Nature Bingo and a walk around the fair grounds/park. Camp goers can expect to test taste vegetables/seeds and to learn how plants grow. To really experience what it is like to garden; kids will plant their own sunflower to take home. Sunflowers are annual so don’t worry parents; it is only one season!


Messy Science Sensations Camp (Grades K and 1)

I had some fun in the office this week! I tested all of the experiments to make sure I was a pro! k-1st grade kids will love getting messy with slime and lava lamps! Messy Science Sensations is all about using 4 of our 5 senses (nose, touch, ears, and sight).


Kids will really dive into their imagination as they become scientists! The goal of the camp is to peak curiosity in the world around them.




Washington Camps (k-5th)

July and August I will spend some time preparing camps for Washington County. Be sure to check out the Washington County Extension and Outreach site for more information. Camps include Babysitting Education, Jungle, Bug Mania, Parachutes, and Oceans of Fun. Stay tuned for more!



Have a great weekend everyone!





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