10 ways to reach 10,000 STEPS this SUMMER

This weekend it was no struggle reaching 10,000 steps. With all of the Summer activities that keep our schedules crammed; it is no brainier why is it is easier to reach our fitness goals. How are you reaching your goals? I would love to hear all about your favorite activities in the comments below.

I love trying new things and keeping my routine fresh. Here are 10 ways that will help me to reach my 10,000 daily steps this Summer.

1.Participating in public challenges


Michael, Megan, Caleb, and I participated in a Gladiator Assault Challenge. We ran a 5 mile mud obstacle course and did not come out of the race clean! It was one of the most rewarding runs I have ever competed in. I hope I can sign up for a few more this summer as well as a couple 5K races.

2. Attending Sport Events


Supporting those you care about is both rewarding and motivating. It can be fun to attend sporting events with friends and family. This is Michael’s (brother) first year in trap shooting and I have had a blast cheering him on. Not only do I receive a lot of steps by walking to and from ranges but I leave high on motivation from watching everyone compete.

3. Gardening


Many of you have seen my gardening posts on Facebook. After taking a few Horticulture classes at Iowa State University I now  have a green thumb. I don’t know if I necessarily believe that but confidence is key right!? haha.

4. Fishing


I have been fishing a few times this Summer and I have my pole in my car ready to go for next time! I enjoy the calm, stillness of the water and the pure enjoyment I receive just by being outside. You would be surprised how active fishing can be!

5. Running/Walking


Running is one of my favorite forms of fitness. I love challenging and pushing myself to go further. Running at school verses home looks different. I have to be a little more cautious when jogging at home. The hills and country roads can be dangerous so watch out for me and other runners on your way home!

6. Exploring


I found this trail in Ames and my oh my was it beautiful! Last week my friend Mo and I hiked around lake McBride; we got to talking and time just flew. Stumbling across trails can be an excellent way to reach 10,000 steps.

7. Dancing


Kassie and I went out dancing and I achieved 10,000 steps within an hour!! Enough said 🙂

8. Chores


Being a farm kid generates a lot of steps! Opening gates, walking buckets of feed to the bunks, and filling tanks can tire a person but trust me I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Chores might look different from person to person but laundry, dishes, and cleaning is a great way to reach your goals.

9. Biking


I am looking forward to taking this puppy out tonight!! I loving adding bicycling to my workout schedule. It is a great change of pace!!

10. Boxing/Home Workout


We have a kick boxing set in the basement and even though I am not that good I love getting down there just to throw a good punch! It is a great stress reliever and is fun to try moves I saw on “Never Back Down” haha.


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