Flowers, Coffee, & The Goals of a Christian Life

Last week Mom, Megan, and I planted the garden and some beautiful flower pots. I felt free being able to unplug for the morning; just soaking in all of our many blessings. So often we rush through our day moving from task to task. Being in the moment is an art that is hard to perfect but every time we practice we get a little closer to really enjoying all of the little things.


My relationship with Jesus is like a growing tomato plant. Not quite mature but the potential is there!


Each time that I read the bible and each time that I attend church I grow another leaf. This summer is an opportunity to follow a path that God had planned for me. I will be coordinating STEM Camps for elementary students (BTW follow me this summer as I embark on a new journey… more to come)!


A few weeks ago I heard a beautiful quote from Harvest Vineyard Church. I find myself rereading it often and wanted to share it with you.

“The Goal of the Christian Life is not to simply get us into Heaven but to get Heaven into us,” Richard Foster.


I find this quote to be simple in words but complex in meaning. It is easier to say that we want to have a personal relationship with God than it is to put in the work and effort to keep that relationship.

While flipping through my bible this morning I found a prayer card from my confirmation days. Bringing me back to the time when my relationship with God was new and thriving;  I plan to utilize this sort of prayer method throughout the summer to keep my motivation high and my time with God beneficial.

ACTS Prayer Method 

A: Adoration- praising God

C: Confession-admitting our faults and weaknesses

T: Thank- Giving Thanks for God’s Grace

S: Supplication- Asking God for help for others and for ourselves.

Thank you for reading Picking Wild Flowers. If you would like to try a few other methods of prayer please comment below and I would be happy to message you.

See you next week! 🙂

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