Go Green for #FarmSafety

Working with three different extension offices this summer is allowing me to observe many empowering county projects. Today Washington County Extension held a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.


Seeing the kids excited about Farm Safety put a huge smile on my face. Kids are craving the opportunities to learn and this is the prime age for them to absorb all of the information placed in front of them.


Green: Green for 4-H, Green for Clover Kids, Green for Clover University, and Green for Innovative, Inventive, and Energy. Green is a reoccurring theme throughout Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Amy Green, WA County Youth Coordinator, even has the last name “Green” as she holds up her hand and says 1, 2, 3, 4H to get the youth’s attention.


Today’s #FarmSafety topics covered equipment safety, disability awareness, gun and PTO safety, hand washing, stranger safety, 1st aid station, and sun, mower, and chemical safety.


Washington County invited a special guest to visit with the kids before lunch. Kaj O’Mara with KCRG weather safety and the mobile weather lab talked with the students about being weather prepared at all times.


Does this look like a typical Iowa day or what!? Haha it might be just my imagination but its very possible that Iowa’s temperature will raise from 34 to 91 degrees in one week. The kids sure had a laugh!!


After lunch the sessions continued with chemical safety. A farm scene was drawn to show chemical drift. Spraying might affect the apple trees, the barns, or even “Sally’s” bike. It is important to be aware of drift potential and the dangers posed to applicators.


The office was buzzing with excitement from morning to afternoon. The kids walked away with #Safety bags, an “All Aboard the Safety Train” t-shirt, and curious minds as they continue to learn about #FarmSafety through actions on their own family farms.

Now GO and be GREEN for #safety; 4-H style!

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