Shrimp Tacos during Dead Week!


Hello everyone! This week has been a busy one! Dead week is one of the most dreaded weeks for students. I personally think dead week feels like any other week; but with just a little more pressure. This upcoming weekend will be the slope to the hill I have been climbing and after Tuesday I can take a breath! Yep you heard that right; I am done with finals on Tuesday! How did I get so lucky!? This semester I have final exams for Horticulture Propagation, Animal Science 270 (Foods of animal origins), Animal Science 441 (International Agriculture) and Food Science 101.

As a junior, I am feeling the senior mentality approaching. The thought of completing college both frightening and exciting. It is hard to believe that the year went by so fast! I am trying to take in all that Iowa State University has to offer. Here are a three tips I have to those who are experiencing their first dead week.

Tip 1: Make sure to get plenty of sleep. (8 hours is a must!!)

Tip 2: Study a few nights before and don’t cram. Easier said then done but trust me; you will retain it longer- Don’t get to down on yourself if this doesn’t happen. Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t want to miss out on all the memories you will make. This week I spent the night before an exam cramming until 11:30 pm and then again at 5:30 am; like I said not ideal but it happens.

Tip 3: Take a few moments during dead and finals week to catch up with your friends. After all it is the end of the semester and 4 years will go by incredibly fast. I am down to 1 and I think I am in denial.

Now to the real reason for this post.

With the semester coming to a close and operating on a limiting budget; we have been planning our meals day to day. This has helped save money and time. Planning ahead has also allowed me to be creative. Taco Tuesday might seem corny but there are endless possibilities. 🙂

April Taco Tuesday Recipe

1 Bag of Shrimp



1 Red Pepper


1 Cup of Green beans (perks of cleaning out the freezer)


Once you steam the veggies and shrimp; add avocado and cheese to your your taco.


Lastly Eat and Enjoy!

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