BackGROUND Check

This week ISU NAMA (National Agriculture Marketing Association) joined 30 other schools in Kansas City to compete against one another for the best marketed agriculture product. See for more information on the process. I am happy to say that our product BACKGROUND CHECK made it to semi-finals. I am honored to be included in such a unique opportunity.

BGC logo 1Introduction to our product: 

Parallel Land Solutions, a small startup founded by two farmers in Ames, Iowa, is excited to introduce BACKGROUND CHECK, a map-based valuation tool. This mobile-friendly
website service draws on public data, while also allowing farmerfor the integration of user-defined crop production budgets, to estimate farmland values and cash flow projections on a field-by-field basis. Public data is drawn from the USDA’s NRCS and NASS, NASA, and Dayment. In less than five minutes, a field-specific ROI and cash flow report is generated. These reports also include crop history, soil, aerial, topographical, and flood hazard maps.

Snap shot of nationals:

The week began Sunday with the 2016 NAMA Banquet.


2015/16 Officers


Just check out our matching outfits! We were styling in Kansas City!


We received top 10 Annual Report


Making it to Semi-Finals!


Patiently awaiting the awards ceremony!


We might not have made it to the finals but I am very proud of all the hard work ISU NAMA put in throughout the year! We received many other awards that show our dedication to achieving success not only through the marketing team but through our NAMA Club; including the Outstanding Student Chapter and the Student Award. This was my first year being on the Marketing Team and it was a huge learning curve for me! I am looking forward to seeing what my senior year in NAMA brings!

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