Balance is Healthy

Good Morning Picking Wild Flowers. I slept fantastic with my Fitbit reading a magical 8 hours!!!! I feel refreshed and ready for the day with coffee in hand! 🙂 Waking up this morning I had an intuition to write about balance. I usually get so down on myself when I fall off the bandwagon; when I indulge, can’t fit a workout in, or the scale isn’t moving but this morning I am feeling happy with my progress!


I am encouraging myself to live a balanced life! Trying to create healthy habits does not mean losing out on late night ice cream runs! It means working to be healthy 80% of the time. My mom is my role model when it comes to truly living out this statement! She has always motivated me to eat healthy and has taught me the importance of balance. Growing up it wasn’t about diets with her,  it was about family goals. “Okay guys we are going to cut back on pop as a family” It was never about singling one person out to lose weight.

This is what an average balanced week looks like for me! It will look different for every individual.

Pic 2

I always start my morning with coffee and either oatmeal (mixed with powder peanut butter) or cereal (usually frosted flakes or honey nut cheerios).


Throughout my day I try to get an average goal of 10,000 steps in and I track this with my Fitbit. Like the picture shows I love to run but sometimes I achieve this goal with Zumba, kickboxing, or hitting up the rec center.


I often take my lunch with me to work or class  which includes a protein shake or green smoothie, salad, bagel, or sandwich. This week Megan and I bought an abundance of salad supplies so guess what I had 😉 Next week I will enjoy eating something different haha.



But a girl has got to have some fun in her routine so on Wednesday Megan and I met our friend Kelsey  for frozen yogurt and last night Adriane and I went out for Mexican and I may have got a margarita. 😉  Perks of being 21!

Pic 33

This morning I am sipping my coffee and making a sausage, hash-brown skillet! It is smelling fantastic so I better scurry but remember BALANCE is what is healthy!




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