5 Important Tips of Branding

Blog published on https://blogs.extension.org/womeninag/

By Morgan Ball, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Student Assistant


This week I had an important question posed to a article I posted on Facebook that discussed “Five Smart Habits for Young Farmers.”  The question asked me to explain the importance of branding as a grain farmer.

Original article: http://www.agweb.com/article/5_smart_habits_for_young_farmers_naa_sara_schafer-naa-sara-schafer/

I decided to pander the question.

Branding is an influential aspect to any business. A brand allows you to connect to others through your operation. Focusing on building a positive reputation and connections people can relate to.

Laura Cunningham, Marketing Coordinator at Latham Seeds, expresses “A brand is the image portrayed to those around you, it raises a level of professionalism; it even recognizes how your employees represent your farm/brand.”

Developing a brand can help distinguish a difference between your lifestyle and business.

Rather we know it or not; everything and everyone has a brand. Developing and upholding a brand is completely optional but I guarantee your operation has a reputation in the community. Is that reputation a positive one? Is it recognized by your last name? Do those down at the grain bins know your truck as it pulls up? If you answered yes than that as a matter of a fact is included in your farm’s brand.

Developing a brand that you as an individual created can be challenging but ease into it by following these 5 tips.


Tip 1: Make sure to include room in your budget for marketing dollars.

Tip 2: Utilize your new brand to add value to your products (all folks in agriculture have direct or indirect products- might look a little different but doing business with others can be influenced by a positive brand).

Tip 3: Create consistency with your brand.

Tip 4: Meet your primary target market where they are- on social platforms, grain co-ops, auctions, farmer markets, etc.

Tip 5: While developing a brand think about your employees (or those who make decisions- family, business partners, etc.). What is the mission of your business? What brand will drive motivation among your employees?

I hope the 5 Important Tips of Branding were helpful! If you have any questions comment below and I would be happy to discuss the topic further!

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