Youth goes Mania over Bugs!


30 Washington County campers explored insects, habitats, and all things bug related at the 2016 Bug Mania Day Camp. To be honest; this was one topic I felt a little queasy about. I am not a fan of bugs, insects, or anything that could be considered a “pest,” but these kids really made me feel like I jumped to judge the topic. At the end of the day; this was one of my favorite camps to teach.


Mya was working on creating her own bug from three different head, thorax, and abdomen choices. The campers could be creative and imaginative as they cut and glued the pieces. I learned that the abdomen can include up to ten segments. The kids were surprised to hear this as well. As you can see on Mya’s sheet; she has a couple pieces that have six to eight segments.


The day consisted of many art projects including large group habitats, coffee filter butterflies, insect hats, and finger puppets.


Mariah holds up her insects as she prepares to adventure into a imaginative story plot line for her puppets.


I would say my favorite part of Bug Mania was the variety. The campers had the opportunity to enjoy insect puzzles, BINGO, Bug Hunts, and relay races. I had a great time mingling with the kids and learning all about their adventures with lady bugs, lighting bugs, and caterpillars. Each student had a story to share and it was fun to see them exploring nature on such a beautiful day.

Ask your child what they learned! I learned that grasshoppers have the strongest legs of all insects. Thanks Sam! 😉






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