Women in the Bible had Courage

Wow this week is just flying! Last weekend was packed full of fireworks, parades, 5Ks and socializing. Through the craziness I made sure to spend time with God each day. I have been working through a study that looks at the stories of women in the bible.

Fourth of July Cookies

I have noticed a reoccurring theme of courage. The study began with the first women God ever created; Eve. Eve’s first ounce of courage was shown when she confessed her sins to Adam. It took even more courage to place her sins in front of God. It is often easy to run and hide like Adam and Even did in the Garden of Eden but God wants us to come to him with our trespasses.

I decided to read while the cookies were in the oven

The study walks through the lives of Sarah and Rebekah in Genesis 18-24. Sarah was much to old to have children but God provided for her and she trusted in the lord to raise Isaac up to be a follower of Christ.

I added red dye but it turned out to be more pink haha

Judges 4 was really inspiring; Deborah was a judge, leader, poet, and prophet. She lead her nation to victory and beat an army of 9,000. Women often get overlooked in the bible but Deborah stood out among the crowd.

Adding the chocolate chips!

The study continued on to Ruth, Esther, and Mary. Mary had more courage than I ever will. She made sacrifice after sacrifice but gave no second thought to saying yes to having Jesus. Mary endured doubts from Joseph, friends, and family. She had to watch her son die on the cross but in the end Jesus saved her just like he saved all of us.

Final dozen in the oven. Red with blue sprinkles!

I have learned a lot about what it takes to say yes to God without hesitation. Am I there personally… no. But I will always be working to better my relationship with God and that means opening my mind to courageous acts and humble responsibility.


Chocolate Chip Cookies were a hit on Fourth of July. Want the recipe!?!? Look on the back of the chocolate chip bag!

Secret tip # 1- Do not cook the cookies for the full time. Take them out right when they are beginning to brown. They will be soft and chewy.

Secret tip #2- Don’t melt the butter; let it thaw before hand.


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