As a college student with a crazy schedule I appreciate my work having a wellness center available to all employees. I have taken full advantage of this perk throughout my time at Iowa Farm Bureau. They really strive for employee happiness and well being. I only know that my schedule will get busier and busier as I inch closer to independence therefore I am taking control of my health now.

Kelsey, one of the wellness coaches, sent a #MondayMotivation list for us to keep in mind throughout the week. She had a paragraph next to each one describing the wellness goal. I took all key words and thought about what they mean to me personally. Do my goals align? And how do I see myself in each category.

My Thoughts:

  1. Be an Optimist. Particularly this year I have attempted to be an optimist. I have found that I am my happiest when I take things in strive. I have many things to be thankful for and I try to count my blessings as the day goes on. This is also one of the hardest things to remember when I am running on minimal sleep and working on homework till 10:00 pm on a Sunday night.
  2. Have Hope. In today’s society it may be hard to have hope but I have realized that things get accomplished when I have hope. It also makes me want to jump out of bed to go make my goals happen. Having hope generally makes a person happier.
  3. Accept Yourself. Self-Image is a powerful thing. When Kelsey placed this as one of her goals for employees I wasn’t sure if I would have anything to say under this category. It is a personal topic and I tend to stay away from personal issues on the internet but I am learning to be more independent and I believe college is helping me to become confident in my personality, image, and value.
  4. Stay Connected. Social media, connecting with others, and building a online community has been a positive addition to my motivation. My blog and social media is helping me to stay accountable for all things I care passionately about! Faith, Farm, Fitness, and Food (cooking and eating healthy).
  5. Express Gratitude. Appreciating all those around me is a little hard to do when I am in my own little bubble but when I think about expressing gratitude I need to thank my parents, family and friends who keep my happy and motivated to achieve all I am destined to do.
  6. Find Your Purpose and Meaning. College is helping me to find my purpose and meaning in life. I have built a closer relationship with God and it is nice knowing that he has a plan for me (even if I don’t know what that is yet). Agriculture has played a big role in finding my place.
  7. Master Your Environment. Mastering my environment is similar to taking daily events in strive. An Ag Leaders session taught me that there are at least 10 different ways to look at one circumstance. It is not the events in our life that defines us, it is the way we act that determines who we are.
  8. Exercise Regularly. This is one of the most important categories to me in this list. I have made it a habit to exercise on a daily basis and I have seen an incredible improvement in my motivation to achieve all my goals. They say exercising generates positive thinking and I believe this to be 100 percent true! I get crabby when I don’t get the chance to workout.
  9.  Practice Mindfulness. The definition of practicing mindfulness is to be in the moment. Megan and I have been working on phrasing our statements to say we are looking forward to… verse we can’t wait… Changing this little word means that I am excited for the future but I am happy with where I am today.



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