Cut Flower Update

Good evening Picking Wild Flowers! It has been a minute since I wrote a flower update so I thought I would hop on here quick and give you a look into what has been happening with our cut flowers… by the way not a whole lot with this rain but Tyler and I did purchase our first implement! We are the proud owners of a 3-point King Kutter XB gear driven tiller. Okay so I am not that knowledgeable about the tiller… hence why I am not in any of the photos but wow oh wow is this tiller a game changer! P.S. I am learning! 


Not only was it a game changer, but an opportunity to pull Grandpa Richards garden tractor out of the garage. The tiller even matches! 


Once Grandpa retired from farming, the lane and yard was a big priority to him. He valued keeping it mowed and you could often find him driving this tractor while sporting a farmers tan! It feels special to be sitting in the same seat Grandpa once sat!


The weekend before we bought the new tiller, Dad and Tyler cleaned out the lots from winter and dropped some manure off at the garden! As they were spreading manure on the fields, I was spreading manure around on our garden. We were able to till it in nicely with the soil.

Cow’s manure is a great natural fertilizer for the soil. It helps replace the nutrients lost from the soil with the previous crop, especially nitrogen. Not only is it a great fertilizer, but recycling the manure is a great way to clean up the farm after winter.

The tiller literally hummed through the soil. I wish I had a video to show how smooth it worked! My cut flowers are ready to be planted! They are taking over under my grow light but the garden is a pond right now. I just hope we can get a few things planted soon! Be sure to be praying for farmers as they try to get their corn and soybeans in the ground! 


Diesel loves spending days at the farm! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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