I Found my Man but I still Need my Girls!

This Friday the countdown begins! 365 days until our #HappilyEverHibbs wedding. Our wedding binder might be full with arrangements and my Pinterest board is overflowing but I could never have planned a better group of people to stand next to me as I say I do.


Our bonfire was canceled at the last minute but the girls and I did not let that keep us from having fun. We had plans to decorate the bonfire pit with beautiful mums and pumpkins but despite the rain we still decorated the house and enjoyed games and conversations over pumpkin coffee and apple cider. Thank you to my wonderful family for decorating and hosting my party.


Each and everyone of these ladies hold a special place in my heart! Megan, where do I even begin? You are and will always be my other half! We can finish each other’s sentences and I know what you are thinking before you even say it. As my best friend and twin sister we have been through every step of life together. Megan you are beautiful inside and out and I am so thrilled to have you as my maid of honor. I love you sis!


Morgan and I have been best friends since elementary school. She is one of my biggest supporters and I can’t thank her enough! I am so excited to have you standing next to me as my second maid of honor. Ever since middle school acne filled faces, homecoming dances, high school graduation, and adult life we have stood the test of friendships and I know you are my besty for life.


Kendra… oh Kendra! Girly you are such an inspiration and I look up to you every day. You are so driven and motivated! Thank you for always being there to listen and grant me advice! I am so excited to have you and Elizabeth part of our big day!


Lydia! We might not talk every day but we always pick up exactly where we left off. We have so much in common and I love sharing a spiritual bond with you! Watching your walk with the Lord is very encouraging. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Your kindness and smile is very contagious!


Adriane 🙂 Chica our love for show cattle brought us together and carried us to the same college. I am so blessed to have you in my college memories and I can’t wait to make more memories in official adult life. Thank you for constantly making me laugh and for sharing wine/queso nights with me. I am so excited to have you as a bridesmaid!


Kassie! We became friends in high school but have grown closer in the last few years. You spontaneous attitude keeps me on my toes but your loyalty has always meant a lot! We have so much fun together and I can’t wait to have you stand by my side.


Laura… my beautiful cousin and friend! Growing up we were always together. Being so close in age meant we had a lot in common. You have such a kind heart and I have so much fun when we get together! Thank you for being my personal attendant! I feel so blessed to have your help.


Katherine… Kate Walker! Remember our Cheetos, Mountain Dew and Buffy the Vampire Slayer days? You have always been someone I can have fun and relax with! We have a lot of fun high school memories. I love your spunky attitude and I can’t wait to have you as a personal attendant!


The party could not have happened with out my Grandma Carol, Papa, Mom, Tami and Kerrie. Thank you for all that you did to decorate and host!


Two more photos!


Wondering how Tyler asked his groomsmen!? Ill just leave this picture here for you to glance at… 😉 hehe! #WANTED! Zach, Michael, Jake, Seth, Cherokee, and Lee!



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