5 reasons to be a Women in Ag

Happy Spring! Last week I was annoyed with the rain, clouds, and mud, but I have decided to embrace spring! As we approach Easter, I am reminded that Jesus died for our sins and we are blessed with many things. I encourage us to dance in the rain!

I stayed busy during the rainy weekend! I love learning and networking through professional development functions. I encourage everyone to attend events relating to their field! Participating in events with like minded individuals can be so inspiring! This past weekend I had the opportunity to assist with Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Times, a Grain Marketing Forum for Women. And attend the first Washington County Women in Agriculture Conference.


Surviving and Thriving opened with a great keynote speaker. Julie Ward presented, “Grains in the Veins.” Crop farmers learned how marketing can improve their bottom line. I enjoyed taking pictures and helping to prepare for the conference ahead of time!


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag was one sponsor of the first Annual Women in Agriculture Conference. I had a great time participating in the day’s events. I even ran into my Aunt Pam! We sat together and soaked in all the information we could from keynote speaker, Jolene Brown! We learned how to create farm business documents, transitional plans, and contracts.


Jolene wrapped up the afternoon with “10 ideas to relieve stress and bring renewal to farm and family life.”

My Favorites:

1. Develop Mini Breaks: meditation and hobbies

2. Keep learning (perfect for this post)


My time at Iowa State University has been unforgettable! “Don’t Judge Each Day by the Harvest you Reap, but By the Seeds you Plant!” I love being a women in agriculture! Here are my top 5 reasons why I have the best major ever!

  1. Professional Development: Possibilities to learn after school and throughout my life
  2. Relationships: The agriculture industry is large but at the same time small- I run into people I know all the time. It is incredibly rewarding to be involved in such a close-nit industry.
  3. Variety: Agriculture offers such unique career opportunities :).
  4. Produce: We can develop worthy work that creates a more food secure world!
  5. Fun: I have a passion for agriculture and the hands-on joy it brings me!

Be a Women in Ag! It is pretty AWESOME!!! 😉




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