My First Vendor Show!

This week has been crazy!! Not only is it dead week, but I was invited to my first vendor show! Curves, workout facility, hosts a Christmas sale every year and they invite local women to display their products. I applaud Curves, it is a really good outlet for small town women entrepreneurs.

“Winter Wonderland”

I created two arrangements for the show: “Winter Wonderland, and “Candy Cane.” I heard about the show on Monday night and had to act fast. The show started yesterday and will last for a week! Tuesday was a FLORAL workday!! I was in my happy place đŸ˜‰ #Goals!

“Candy Cane”

The floral recipes have a more complex design than what I have done in the past and it was a learning curve for sure. I enjoyed the challenge and I am pleased with the outcome. The two are on display with a brochure and a few business cards. I am hoping to receive a few orders this week before heading home for break!


Step one: Purchase supplies; I need to look into buying flowers wholesale. Growing my own will increase profits, but currently my profit margin is very very slim. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Step 2: Layout supplies. I went a little overboard with my purchases this week, but I just got way excited and wanted them to be perfect!


Step 3: “Winter Wonderland”Recipe

Finished Product! The “Winter Wonderland” arrangement took some serious thinking. I wanted to create a table piece that shouted Christmas, but more subtlety.

Step 4: “Candy Cane” Recipe. The ornaments were a challenge all in their own. This was the first time I used non-floral ingredients in my recipe. I conducted a lot of trial and error and ended up securing the bulb to a wooded stick.


What do you think?? I love the richness in the final product! Below is part of the brochure I took to Curves. Read my story and be sure to stay tuned for more floral recipes next week!




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