Seed to Sunflower

This week’s #CloverU Camp was right up my ally! It really tested my teaching abilities as I dug into plant science with second and third graders. Horticulture is my area of interest within my major at Iowa State University. Reading, studying, and testing over the topic was a piece of cake compare to explaining it in a way that would make sense to those who have never heard of the terms: germinate, embryo, and photosynthesis.

I can feel myself growing from a seed to a sunflower with each opportunity I am granted as I express my passion for agriculture. The campers might be exploring the topic but I am learning just as much from them as they are from me!


This summer has really heighted my love for agriculture. Getting kids outside and exploring nature this week is just what we need in a world surrounded by technology. Unplugging and really “Digging Deep” into a topic that feeds, clothes, and provides for us.


One of my campers at Iowa County brought this plant up to me and asked why the corn was blue. It gave me an opportunity to explain why seeds are often pretreated and how it helps to decrease the amount of chemicals applied to the soil. It also gave me a chance to explain where the roots and shoots begin to grow from the seed.


Speaking of seed growth- can you find the embryo, cotyledon, and seed coat? #CloverU Campers can now point and explain all three to you!

Embryo: Beginning of a new plant.

Cotyledon: Provides food for the embryo.

Seed Coat: Protects the seed.

Next week is Messy Science Sensations. Stay tuned for more. Have a great weekend! 🙂



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