Extreme Revolution- Workout Addition

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! The start of the semester has been busy, but I am determined to post once a week! I can do this!!

Just to let everyone know my new healthy lifestyle has had its challenges, (especially when I want to go back to my usual habits of sipping hot cocoa/marshmallows while I power through my homework) but I have yet to stumble and I believe my blog will help keep me accountable! Ever since I got my Fitbit for Christmas (thank you grandma)! I have been able to keep track of my steps, water intake, sleep, and food!

So what is the Extreme Revolution- Workout Addition you may ask!?!? Well, I have the opportunity to intern with one of the best organizations in Agriculture. I have learned so much through my experience and I am excited to see what the future holds. An added perk to the internship includes a gym and a personal trainer. That’s right! A personal trainer for all employees. The trainers offer classes morning, lunch and evenings. With New Years behind us and resolutions in the works, the trainers are offering extreme workout classes. I thought, this is going to be perfect! Ill get my workout in during lunch and I will feel great for Spring. Trust me, I enjoyed the session, but I had to talk myself out of laying down in the middle of the gym haha. Anyone who wants to join the journey with me is more than welcome! Below is the cardio session I attended with other workouts incorporated.

Warm up for 10-15 minutes to allow your muscles time to adjust.


Here is where it gets fun! 🙂

3 sets

30 second killers

30 second high knees

30 second shuffles

30 second high jumps


Repeat 2 more times- resting in between each set

3 Sets 

30 second plank sprints (Planking and sprinting every 5 seconds)

30 second bur-pees

30 second moon crawls (Sticking your butt in the air and walking on all fours)

30 second plank


Repeat 2 more times-resting in between each set

Walk 2 laps


Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for checking out Picking Wild Flowers!


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